Contributed EIT Data:

Authors: Andrea Borsic, Chris McLeod, William RB Lionheart, Nacer Kerrouche
Date: 2001
Brief Description: 2D FEM models of a thorax based on Cryostatic image of the human thorax using INRIA’s EMC2 mesh generator.

Data were published in:

Andrea Borsic, Chris McLeod, William Lionheart, Nacer Kerrouche (2001), Realistic 2D human thorax modelling for EIT physiol. Meas. 22:77−83.

License: Creative Commons Artistic License (with Attribution)
Attribution Requirement: Use or presentation of these data must acknowledge Andrea Borsic, and reference this publication:
Format: Data are eidors 'fwd_model' structures in an *.mat. Each file contains a fine scale model with refined electrodes and a coarse model of which the fine model is a strict refinement.
% High Resolution model - 6274 nodes
load borsic01mdl1

% High Resolution model - 799 nodes
load borsic01mdl3
Data: High Resolution Model Low Resolution Model
figure 3

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