Contributed EIT Data:

Authors: Camille Gómez-Laberge
Date: June 15, 2006.
Brief Description: Single-plane 16 electrode deformable phantom tank data
License: Creative Commons Artistic License (with attribution).
Attribution Requirement: Please refer to this paper in any publications:
    Manuchehr Soleimani, Camille Gómez-Laberge, Andy Adler. Imaging of conductivity changes and electrode movement in EIT Physiol. Meas., 2006, no.27, pp.S103-S113.

Format: Data are stored as a Zip file containing the VIASYS *.get file format and description text file.
Data: Data (zip format): Single plane measurements

Detailed information on measurement protocol

% ************************************
% Electrical Impendance Tomography
% VIASYS invitro data
% University of Ottawa
% Department of Electrical Engineering
% Date:   June 15, 2006
% Author: Camille Gomez-Laberge
% ************************************

This README file is the documentation that accompanies the data collected in these directories: ph1t1/ 

% ****************************
% ****************************
Experimenter: Camille Gomez-Laberge
Date Collected: June 15, 2006
Locale: Research laboratory, University of Ottawa
Equipment: EIT Viasys / University of Gottingen
Phantom: Phantom used is a polyethylene pail 30 cm in height and diameter.
Electrodes: See individual phantom descriptions in each
part of the experiment.
Electrolytic solution: 0.9% saline solution
Objects: 2 golf balls (non-conductive) 2 cm radius spheres
suspended in solution with 2.7 kg tension fishing line
Measurement Procedure: Ambient temperature in room is 25
degrees Celsius. Details for each part of the experiment

Directory: ph1t1/
Phantom description: 
The phantom has two rings of 8 electrodes with electrodes
vertically aligned. The first ring is 10cm above tank base
and the second is 20cm above tank base. A ground/reference
electrode is placed in the centre of the tank base.

The electrodes are a copper bolts pinning a small
rectangular steel plate to the tank wall.

Setup 1: Baseline data (just solution)
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_bld.get

Setup 2: No objects in tank
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_001.get

Setup 3: 1 Moving object (a long metal bar)
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_002.get

Setup 4: Object 1 at (0,0, 16) cm
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_003.get

Setup 5: Object 1 at (-7, 0, 20) cm
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_004.get

Setup 6: Object 1 at (7, 0, 10) cm
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_005.get

Setup 7: Object 1 at (7, 0, 10) cm; Object 2 at (0, 7, 20) cm
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_006.get

Setup 8: As setup 4 except there is a compression along
the x-axis of the tank by 5 cm at the top of the tank.
Compress 1-5%
Dilate   15-20%
Compress 35-40%
Dilate   55-60%
Compress 75-80%
Dilate   95-100%
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_007.get

Setup 9: As in setup 3 except with compression as in setup 8
Data files: vitro150606_ph1t1_008.get

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