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Authors: Dominique Gibert, Marc Pessel, Florence Nicollin
Date: 2000−2011
Brief Description: The Pont Péan was an important silver mine before it flooded in April 1, 1904. Historical information is explained can be found at and Due to the regular geophysical geometries of the site, and the large conductivity contrast of the ore with the surrounding rock, it represents an excellent test site for geophysical EIT measurements. These data were measured by a team of geophysical researchers at Université Rennes 1 over the period 2000−2011.

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License: Creative Commons Artistic License (with Attribution)
Attribution Requirement: Use or presentation of these data must acknowledge Marc Pessel & Dominique Gibert, and cite this publication:
Methods: EIT data were acquired with the a ABEM SAS 4000 Resistivity Meter, and an electrode selector ES 464. 64 stainless steel (approx 20 cm long and 1 cm diameter) electrodes were placed in a single line along the side of the road La Grand Betuaudais in Pont Péan, France. Electrodes were typically spaced 5 m apart and a reference electrode was sometimes placed at ∞ (1 km west of the site). Detailed electrode positions are in the data files. Current levels between 100 mA and 200 mA were used (using a low frequency square wave current waveform).
Data and Format: The following data are available (with the format described for each
1 1999-04-07 Data
Data of Dipole-Dipole array with 64 electrodes (.file format documented in file, source pair A,B and meas pair M,N)

The Image shows a apparent resistivity section (not a reconstruction!)

2 2004-02-20 Data
Data contains files (file format documeted in each file):
−Mine_20FEV2004.gps: Electrode positions
−Mine_20FEV2004_LI.tomel: EIT data

The Image shows a apparent resistivity section (not a reconstruction!)

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