List of parameters:

Various parameters were described in different parts of the paper to evaluate the performance of EIT system. For the consistency of comparing the performance of different EIT systems in different places or in different times, the parameters used in the paper are listed as a reference.

Table 1: Test parameters

Phantom system Measurement system Software model
Parameter Value Parameter Value Parameter Value
Tank height 36 cm Frequency 50 kHz elements 111 800
Tank diameter 28 cm Saline conductivity 0.8 S/m Nodes 18,084
height of saline-filled tank 30 cm Number of frames 10 regularization parameter 0.15
Test object 1 50 ml Delay between 2 measurements 15 s ROI ¼ of max
Test object 2 100 ml
(d=4.3 cm)
Drift data frame 300 Reconstruction GN
Resistivity of the test objects 1 MΩ/cm Drift measurement delay 5 minutes model 3D FEM
Number of electrodes 16 Total measurement time 2 hours    

The electrodes are gold plated with a diameter of 2.8 mm and a length of 24 mm.

Table 2: Some devices used for measuring phantom conductivity

conductivity meter ECTestr
(Oakton Instruments, USA)
Measurement of Resistivity of test objects Precision LCR Meter LCR-821
(GW Instek, Korea)
Position controller LEGO™ NXT Mindstorms

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