Contributed EIT Data:

Authors: G. Hahn, A. Just, T. Dudykevych, I. Frerichs, J. Hinz, M. Quintel and G. Hellige
Date: 2006
Brief Description: Studies on five anaesthetized (Fentanyl/Midazolam) mechanically ventilated supine pigs (mean body weight 30.1 ± 2.3 kg). Tidal volume (15 ml/kg) and ventilation frequency were kept constant in each animal for all tomograms during the experiments. To cause controlled air or fluid accumulation, up to 300 ml of air or 300 ml of Ringer solution was injected unilaterally at the right side into or from the pleural space in steps of 100 ml. The first injection was always air since Ringer solution could not be completely removed in most cases. A small incision was made in the chest wall and a plastic canula was fixed by a suture and additionally sealed by cyanoacrylate glue. Sixteen ECG electrodes (Blue Sensor, VL00S, Medicotest, Olstykke, DK) were placed around the thorax 3 cm below the axilla. The reference electrode was placed approximately 10 cm below the electrode plane. Series of EIT measurements of 30 s duration were performed at a rate of 13 frames per second using a Goe-MF II tomography system (Hahn et al 2002). An adjacent current injection and measurement pattern was used. The frequency of the injected current was 50 kHz at an amplitude of 5 mArms. EIT measurements were performed either after complete injection of 300ml air or Ringer solution. In two pigs, themeasurements were performed during the whole period of stepwise injection. In each animal, air was injected first and completely removed before Ringer solution was injected. The whole protocol was approved by the State Animal Care Committee.

Data were published in G Hahn, A Just, T Dudykevych, I Frerichs, J Hinz, M Quintel and G Hellige (2006) Imaging pathologic pulmonary air and fluid accumulation by functional and absolute EIT Physiol. Meas. 27:S187−S198

License: Creative Commons Artistic License (with Attribution)
Attribution Requirement: Use or presentation of these data must acknowledge Günter Hahn, and reference this publication:
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Methods: Pig torso. Single plane of 16 Electrodes numbered clockwise, with electrode #1 at the top.
Data: Data (zip format)
Description File
Reference file for all time different image reconstructions: goev354005.get
Inflation of 300 ml air in 3 steps into the pleural cavity:
− 0 ml air:
− 100 ml air:
− 200 ml air:
− 300 ml air:

Subsequent deflation of the air in 3 steps from the pleural cavity:
− still 300 ml air:
− still 200 ml air (100 ml withdrawn):
− still 100 ml air (200 ml withdrawn):
− again 0 ml air (300 ml withdrawn):

Injection of 300 ml NaCl (Ringer solution) in 3 steps into the pleural cavity:
− 0 ml:
− 100 ml NaCl:
− 200 ml NaCl:
− 300 ml NaCl:


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