Contributed EIT Data:

Authors: Inéz Frerichs, Peter A. Dargaville, Taras Dudykevych, Peter C. Rimensberger
Date: 2003
Brief Description: The measurements were performed in the same pig after induction of acute lung injury by repeated bronchoalveolar lavage (p1130107.get) and after administration of surfactant (p1130122.get). Both measurements were acquired at a rate of 13 scans/s, a total of 1500 frames were obtained. The excitation current was 50 kHz. The data was acquired during an incremental and decremental PEEP trial (stepwise increase and decrease of positive end-expiratory pressure).

Data were published in Frerichs, I., Dargavillle, P.A., Dudykevych, T., Rimensberger, P.M. (2003) Electrical Impedance Tomography − a method for monitoring regional lung aeration and tidal volume distribution? Intensive Care Med. 29:2312-2316, 2003.

License: Creative Commons Artistic License (with Attribution)
Attribution Requirement: Use or presentation of these data must acknowledge Inéz Frerichs, and reference this publication:
Format: Data are in *get files encoded in a zip file
Methods: Pig torso. Single plane of 16 Electrodes numbered clockwise, with electrode #1 at the top.
Data: Data (zip format)
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