Contributed EIT Data:

Authors: Yvo Gärber and Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA
Date: 8 Jul 2009
Brief Description: This is the colourmap developed by Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA for display of EIT ventilation images.
License: This colour mapping information is in the Public Domain
Data: Colour map (with columns of Red/Green/Blue values), is available here (Matlab v7 format). In EIDORS, this colourmap may be accessed by setting:
This matrix may be recreated as follows:
p1= 2/3*linspace(1,0,26)'*[1,0,1];
p2= zeros(9,3);
p3= linspace(0,1,4)'*[0,0,1];
p4= linspace(0,1,26)'*[1,1,0]; p4(:,3)= 1; p4(1,:)= [];
cMap = [p1;p2;p3;p4];


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