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Matlab files in this directory:

 cheating_2dcode to simulate inverse crimes in EIT
 compare_2d_algsCompare different 2D reconstructions
 compare_3d_algsCompare different 3D reconstructions
 demo_2d_simdataExample of using EIDORS to simulate 2D data and to
 demo_3d_simdataHow to make simulation data using EIDORS3D
 demo_complexThis demo function shows how the EIT problem can be formulated in a complex
 demo_real[inhomg_img, demo_img] = demo_real;
 eidors2d_demo1EidorsDemo1 Demonstrates the use of 2D EIT Package with linear basis
 ex_fwd2d_high_orderensure dev/m_crabb/forward_problem is on the path
 ex_fwd3d_high_orderMake common model, and make an image
 image_2d_algsBased on the 'bubble' data from Eidors2D, use several
 moving_tank_objsMOVING_TANK_OBJS: create movies of objects moving in tanks
 resistor_modelDEMO to show really simple application of EIDORS framework

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