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Matlab files in this directory:

 animate_reconstructionsanimate_reconstructions(fname, imgs);
 calc_colours[colours,scl_data]= calc_colours(img, set_value, do_colourbar)
 calc_slicescalc_slices (img, levels, clim ) show slices at levels of an
 common_colourbarCOMMON_COLOURBAR make a joint colourbar for several subplots
 crop_modelCROP_MODEL: Crop away parts of a fem model
 display_measDISPLAY_MEAS: display measurements on mesh
 eidors_colourbarEIDORS_COLOURBAR - create an eidors colourbar with scaling to image
 image_levelsIMAGE_LEVELS(img, levels, clim ) show slices at levels of an image
 mdl_slice_mapperMDL_SLICE_MAPPER: map pixels to FEM elements or nodes
 mdl_slice_mesherMDL_SLICE_MESHER A slice of a 3D FEM as a 2D FEM
 mk_mosaicMK_MOSAIC Arrange multidimensional image matrix for display.
 print_convertPRINT_CONVERT: print figures and trim them
 repaint_inhofunction repaint_inho(mat,mat_ref,vtx,simp, thresh);
 scale_for_display[elem_data,ref_lev,max_scale] = scale_for_display( elem_data, pp)
 show_3d_slicesshow_3d_slices(img, z_cuts, x_cuts, y_cuts)
 show_currentSHOW_CURRENT: show current or other quantity defined
 show_femSHOW_FEM: show the EIDORS3D finite element model
 show_fem_moveSHOW_FEM_MOVE Plot EIT finite element model (FEM) and movement
 show_pseudosectionSHOW_PSEUDOSECTION: show a pseudo-section image of data
 show_slicesout_img = show_slices (img, levels ) show slices at levels of an
 show_slices_moveSHOW_SLICES_MOVE Shows planar slices of a 3D FEM with movement vectors
 slicer_plot_nfunction [fc] = slicer_plot_n(h,sol,vtx,simp,fc);

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