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Matlab files in this directory:

 display_dataDISPLAY_DATA show measurement structure in web browser
 eidors_readdataEIDORS readdata - read data files from various EIT equipment
 eidors_readimgEIDORS readimg - read reconstructed image files from
 eidors_saveimgEIDORS saveimg - save reconstructed image files in formats
 find_frcFIND_FRC: find candidates for FRC
 igt2imgIGT2IMG constructs an EIDORS IMG struct from an IGT frames-by-912 matrix.
 iirc_system_configure[sys_config, status]= iirc_system_configure( config_file )
 iirc_system_getdata[sys_config, status]= iirc_system_configure( config_file )
 img2igtIMG2IGT returns an IGT-compatible image matrix from any EIDORS
 system_cmdSYSTEM_CMD: issue system commands, and try to compensate for

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