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Matlab files in this directory:

 call_netgenCALL_NETGEN: call netgen to create a vol_file from a geo_file
 fourier_fitFOURIER_FIT: use fourier series to interpolate onto a boundary
 mdl2d_from3dmdl2d_from3d: Create 2D mdl from z=0 plane of 3d model
 ng_extract_faceThis function takes the wireframe model created by readmesh
 ng_mk_2d_modelNG_MG_2D_MODELS create a 2D mesh with Netgen via the in2d interface
 ng_mk_closed_contourNG_MK_CLOSED_CONTOUR: fit elliptical model to a contour
 ng_mk_cyl_modelsNG_MAKE_CYL_MODELS: create cylindrical models using netgen
 ng_mk_ellip_modelsNG_MAKE_ELLIP_MODELS: create elliptical models using netgen
 ng_mk_extruded_modelNG_MAKE_EXTRUDED_MODEL: create extruded models using netgen
 ng_mk_fwd_modelNG_MK_FWD_MODEL: create a fwd_model object from a netgen vol file
 ng_mk_gen_modelsNG_MAKE_ELLIP_MODELS: create elliptical models using netgen
 ng_read_mesh[srf,vtx,fc,bc,simp,edg,mat_ind] = ng_read_mesh(filename)
 ng_tank_find_elec[elec,sels, electrodes] = ng_tank_find_elec(srf,vtx,fc,centres);
 ng_tank_select_elecfunction[elec,sels] = ng_tank_select_elec(srf,vtx,fc,mshaxs);
 ng_write_optNG_WRITE_OPT Write an ng.opt file in current directory
 piece_poly_fitPIECE_POLY_FIT: piecewise polynomial fitting toolset

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