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 add_noiseADD_NOISE: Add a given SNR to EIDORS data
 analytic_2d_circleV = analytic_2d_circle(J, [s_h, s_i, b, a, angl])
 convert_unitsCONVERT_UNITS change image data units
 create_inclusionUSAGE: inhomg_img = create_inclusion( homg_img, inclusion_xyz, ...
 deform_cylinderfwd_mdl = deform_cylinder( fwd_mdl, niv);
 elem_dimELEM_DIM: dimension of elements in space (are elements in 2D or 3D space)
 elem_selectELEM_SELECT: select element fractions inside a function
 fix_modelFIX_MODEL: Add useful fields to a model
 fwd_model_from_v2CREATE EIDORS v3 fwd_model from the v2 variables
 get_elem_volumeGET_ELEM_VOLUME: VOL = get_elem_volume(fwd_model, map_node )
 gmsh_stl2tetGMSH_STL2TET creates a tetrahedral mesh from an stl file
 interp_meshINTERP_MESH: calculate interpolation points onto mdl elements
 linear_reorderfunction [fwd_model] = linear_reorder(fwd_model,ccw)
 mdl_dimMDL_DIM: dimension of model space (are nodes in 2D or 3D space)
 mdl_normalizeMDL_NORMALIZE Check or set the normalize_measurements flag on a model.
 merge_meshesMERGE_MESHES - merges two meshes based on common nodes
 mk_GREIT_modelMK_GREIT_MODEL: make EIDORS inverse models using the GREIT approach
 mk_c2f_circ_mappingMK_C2F_CIRC_MAPPING: create a mapping matrix from circles/spheres to FEM
 mk_circ_tankMK_CIRC_TANK: make a cylindrical tank FEM geometry in 2D or 3D
 mk_coarse_fine_mappingMK_COARSE_FINE_MAPPING: create a mapping matrix from coarse to fine FEM
 mk_common_gridmdlMK_COMMON_MODEL: make EIT on reconstruction grids (GREIT)
 mk_common_modelMK_COMMON_MODEL: make common EIT models
 mk_fmdl_from_nodesMK_FMDL_FROM_NODES: create fmdl from nodes
 mk_grid_modelMK_GRID_MODEL: Create reconstruction model on pixelated grid
 mk_imageMK_IMAGE: create eidors image object
 mk_library_modelMK_LIBRARY_MODEL - FEM models based on library shapes
 mk_pixel_sliceMK_PIXEL_SLICE create a pixel model to reconstruct on
 mk_stim_patternsMK_STIM_PATTERNS: create an EIDORS stimulation pattern structure
 num_elemsNUM_ELEMS: number of elemnts in a (fwd or inv model or image)
 num_nodesNUM_NODES: number of elemnts in a (fwd or inv model or image)
 physics_data_mapperPHYSICS_DATA_MAPPER maps img.physics data to elem or node data
 place_elec_on_surfPLACE_ELEC_ON_SURF Place electrodes on the surface of a model
 reciprocity_idxRECIPROCITY_IDX: find indices of stim, meas pairs that are recirocal
 select_imdlSELECT_IMDL: select pre-packaged inverse model features
 shape_librarySHAPE_LIBRARY Common shapes for models
 simulate_2d_movementSIMULATE_2D_MOVEMENT simulate rotational movement in 2D
 simulate_3d_movementSIMULATE_3D_MOVEMENT simulate rotational movement in 3D
 simulate_movementSIMULATE_MOVEMENT simulate small conductivity perturbations
 stim_meas_listSTIM_MEAS_LIST: mk stimulation pattern from list of electrodes
 stim_pattern_geophysSTIM_PATTERN_GEOPHYS: Create Geophysical Stimulation Patterns
 thorax_geometryTHORAX_GEOMETRY: deform mesh to have a human thorax like shape
 triarea3d[ta] = triarea3d(V);
 unpack_reconst_matrixUNPACK_RECONST_MATRIX: unpack a compressed, stored reconstruction matrix

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