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Matlab files in this directory:

 calc_JiRtRJt[JiRtRJt,iRtRJt] = calc_JiRtRJt( inv_model, varargin )
 calc_R_priorR = calc_R_prior( inv_model, varargin )
 calc_RtR_priorRtR = calc_RtR_prior( inv_model )
 calc_difference_dataCALC_DIFFERENCE_DATA: calculate difference data between
 calc_hyperparameterCALC_HYPERPARAMETER: calculate hyperparameter value
 calc_jacobianCALC_JACOBIAN: calculate jacobian from an inv_model
 calc_jacobian_bkgndCALC_JACOBIAN_BKGND: calculate background image around
 calc_meas_icovmeas_icov = calc_meas_icov( inv_model )
 calc_system_matCALC_SYSTEM_MAT: calculate FEM system matrix from fwd_model and image
 fwd_solveFWD_SOLVE: calculate data from a fwd_model object and an image
 get_img_dataGET_IMG_DATA: get parameter data from eidors image object
 inv_solveINV_SOLVE: calculate imag from an inv_model and data

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