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Project Goal

GREIT is a collaborative project to develop a consensus linear reconstucution algorithm for lung EIT.

This algorithm is designed based on: 1) selection of the "ingredients" and evaluation methodology (see our paper at EIT Conference, 2008), 2) evaluation and experience with GREIT variants, and 3) consensus and definition of the GREIT algorithm. Algorithms evaluation criteria are identified to be: a) quantitative output for all positions, b) reconstructed position error (low and uniform), c) resolution (small PSF, uniform, few artefacts), d) good noise performance, e) low sensitivity to electrode and boundary movement, f) good performance on clinical and experimental data. This approach represents the consensus of a large and representative group of experts in EIT algorithm and clinical applications. All software and data to implement and test GREIT will be made available under an open source license which allows free research and commercial use.

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GREIT is licenced under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Uses are free to use, modify, and distribute their modifications.

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