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Contributed Data

The resources here are not strictly part of EIDORS. Instead, as a service to the EIT community, we are providing a place for those who wish to make data available to the community. Note that each contributor may specify a different license for their data. Typically, attribution is required, normally making a specific reference in publications which use the data.

Data Repository

Human Data

Animal Data

Geophysical Data

Phantom Data

Reconstruction Models and Simulation Data

EIT Test and Evaluation systems

Contributing Your Data

We very much welcome anyone to contribute. The goal of this data repository is:
− It will allow new researchers in this community to have some real data against which they can test their software
− It will allow testing of algorithms against available and standard benchmark data.

To contribute: Fill out the following table

Authors: Submitting authors.
Date: Data of submission and date (range) of original data measurements
Brief Description: Describe what the data is and what (briefly) it was used for. If it is used in a paper, give a reference.
License: The default license is the Creative Commons Artistic License (with attribution). However, you may choose any license that suits you.
Attribution Requirement: If you require users of the data to give credit, list your requirements here. Normally, users who publish results based on these data will be required to reference a specific paper.
Format: Format in which the data is stored
Methods: Measurement or Simulation Protocol. Give as much detail as possible to allow replication of the experimental protocol.

As a minimum, give the medium shape, electrode positions and stimulation and measurement protocol.

Also, please provide
  • The data itself!
  • Samples images/figure of the measurement protocol, or output results or images. Anything that may make it easier for the data to be used.
And send this in an email to the EIDORS Maintainers.

Remember, the easier it is to use you data, the more likely you are to get references to your paper ;-).

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